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Koh Totang

Nomads Land opened in 2009 and is located on Koh Totang, a small, and a naturally stunning island, which is both serene and untouched. There are only five other lovely neighbours living here, a few dogs, many secret beaches and plenty of space to call home. We are the only guesthouse and restaurant on the island – the rest is completely undeveloped. 

At just 1.3 kilometres by 500 meters in size, it’s easy to enjoy a 20-minute hike through the lush jungle to a private beach on the other side, or go for a stroll around the island during low tide

The 12-Island Archipelago

Koh Totang is in a beautiful and untouched 12-island archipelago in the Koh Kong province. Located 60 kilometres from the Thaï boarder and 60 kilometres from Sihanoukville, we are off the main tourist route but still accessible enough if you are looking for a quiet getaway. Just five kilometres away is the closest and most popular island in the archipelago, Koh Sdach – a small fishing village with a population of around 2,000 families. The 11 other islands, including ours, are almost completely deserted.

Stunning Nature

Koh Totang has it all. Surrounded in all directions by a beautiful coral reef, it’s rocky coastline hosts a colourful marine life, beautiful birds and hidden sandy beaches. During your stay with us, you can expect to see…​​

  • Fireflies illuminating the night sky

  • Phosphorescence and natural ocean luminescence that leaves the beach and sea glowing with
    neon light

  • Eagles and Falcons soaring overhead through the jungle and Oriental Pied Hornbills singing while you enjoy breakfast

  • Wild, elusive Iguanas lurking in the jungle

  • Grasshoppers, praying mantis and crabs making a pleasant surprise on the path back to your bungalow

  • An incredible variety of butterflies flying along the coastline and into the restaurant

  • Puffers, Barracudas, Clown Fish, Jack Fish, Bat Rays, Rabbit Fish, Parrot Fish, Levifish, huge Clams and so much more swimming in our reef

Unplug from the noisy world and escape to a deserted island. Recharge your mind, body, and soul in the serene, untouched archipelago and natural reserve of Koh Totang, Cambodia. Enjoy a nap in your beachside hammock, listen to the Toucans sing, swim through the colourful coral and stare eye to eye with a puffer fish. If you are looking for adventure take a boat trip around the archipelago, walk through our untouched jungle or snorkel and/or kayak around the beautiful island. Our restaurant provides ethical and organic food, (no MSG, no Palm Oil) with Khmer and International cuisine; from fresh sashimi to carrot-pumpkin soup, fabulous Khmer dishes and homemade bread. Nomads Land is completely off the grid we use 100% solar panels for energy and catch and store rainwater for drinking water. We have a small garden, wandering chickens, cashew nut, coconut, and mango trees. This is a secret paradise; come enjoy the luxury of the simple life. In Eco We Trust - No Wi-Fi certified

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